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On April 5, 2017 at approximately 1723 hours Deputy Loe was given a name and number by dispatch in reference to harassment that originated in the county.


Deputy Loe made contact with the caller who stated that he just recently got out of incarceration and had been trying to get his life back together. Caller stated that an individual told him there was a truck he could have once he got out of jail.


Caller stated that once he got out, he picked up the truck from the individual’s house at 116 Oak Street in Blevins, but stated that there wasn't a key with the vehicle and that it could be started with other items.


The caller stated that the individual began accusing him of breaking into his house and taking the key to the truck, but caller stated he never received a key and hasn't at any time been in possession of a key for that truck.


Caller stated that he was approached at Atwood's in Hope by the individual who got out of his vehicle and was attempting to fight him. Caller stated he kept asking him where his trailer was, and that he wanted it back. Caller stated that he had a verbal agreement with Individual that he would pay $200 for the trailer the following week. Caller stated that Individual followed him to a few other locations attempting to coerce him into a fight.


Caller stated that he didn't want to press charges, he just wants individual to leave him alone.