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Theft of Property


Theft of Property+


On 4-5-17 Jimmy Adcock came into this office to report a theft, Inv. Josh took the report.


Jimmy stated that he traded a truck with an individual back in November 2016. Jimmy traded the individual a 1983 Ford truck for a 2003 Dodge. Jimmy said that the individual came and got his truck and told Jimmy he would bring him the Dodge later and would give him a trailer also. Jimmy did get a title to the Dodge but it was signed by by the individual’s wife as the buyer.


Which was different from the name listed on the title who died in October 2016. Jimmy said that the individual and his wife were staying with the person listed on the title when he was alive


Jimmy Adcock said he spoke to the brother of the original owner of the truck and now who is over the estate. Jimmy Adcock said that the brother. sent him a duplicate title that he filed for in December 2016.


Jimmy said that he had been waiting on the individual to bring him the truck. He said that the individual would tell him he would bring it then never show up. Jimmy said during that time while he was waiting on the truck, the individual was steadily taking items off the truck. Jimmy said it was probably around 1000.00 dollars to replace everything. Jimmy stated he would get a list and provide it to this office.


This incident is under further investigation.