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Breaking & Entering


Breaking & Entering


On April 9, 2017 at approximately 1905 hours, Deputy Luke Sorensen and Kyle Malone were enroute to an accident on the interstate. We were then dispatched to a breaking or entering at 3517 Highway 278 West. Deputy Malone contacted Sergeant Daniel Oller of the Hope Police Department, and asked him to stand by at the above-named address until we arrived.


     Deputy Sorensen and Malone arrived at the above-named address, and made contact with Sergeant Oller. Sergeant Oller advised that the subject, later identified as Sean Stephenson was being aggressive towards him, and also lied to him about his identity.


   Deputies made contact with then property owner Mary Fuller, and informed Mary of the situation, and asked her if there was anyone that was supposed to be on the property. She stated that no one was supposed to be on the property. While speaking with Mary Deputies observed that the door to the storage building had what appeared to be a partial shoe print on it.


     Deputy Sorensen and Malone then made contact with Allen Bohanon, the complainant. Allen stated that Sean came over to his residence at 3516 Highway 278 West, and was in his garage looking through his belongings. Allen stated that he asked Sean what he was doing, and Sean stated to Allen that he was looking for his keys. Allen said that he told Sean he did not think his keys were in there. Allen stated that Sean then walked around his car, and picked up some sticks, broke them, and then started hitting his self over the head with them. Allen stated that Sean then went back across Highway 278 West to 3517 Highway 278 West, and entered a storage building on the property. Allen stated that Sean then came out of the building with a box, and put it in the back of his pickup truck.


Deputies went back to 3517 Highway 278 West and looked in the back of Sean's 2001 maroon Dodge Ram pickup truck. they observed 2 boxes in the back of Sean's vehicle. One of the boxes had assorted paint bottles, a glass jar, a medal and cork lid, and an assortment of papers with one having Billy Wayne Fuller's name on it. Billy Fuller is Mary's Fuller's son. The other box had an assortment of livestock show lapel pins, 2 finger nail files, a pair of scissors, and a glass jar of assorted ammunition.


Deputies made contact with Sean and asked him what he was doing in the storage building, and he stated that he was looking for his keys. deputies asked Sean who gave him permission to enter the storage building, and he stated no one. While speaking with Sean Deputies could smell the odor of intoxicants coming from him. Deputies asked him how much he had drank today and he refused to tell me, stating "I've already answered that question"


     Deputies placed Sean under arrest for Breaking or entering, Criminal Trespass, Criminal Mischief 2nd, Obstructing Governmental Operations, and Public Intoxication. He was transported to the HCDF to await a first court appearance.