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Domestic Disturbance


Domestic Disturbance


At approximately 1317 hours on 04/11/17 Sgt. Bush was dispatched to 1711 Hempstead 342 in reference to a domestic disturbance.


Upon my arrival, he made contact with the female caller. who stated that she and her boyfriend got into an argument today and she is waiting for her father to come pick her up and take her back to Texas. She requested that Deputy Bush stand by until he could get here.


Deputy Bush asked the female caller if there was any physical contact between her and her boyfriend. She stated that there wasn't today but claimed that he beat her yesterday. She claimed that her arm was swollen and that she had bruises on her arms. Deputy Bush did not observe any injuries at this time.


The boyfriend left walking prior to the female calling. Deputy Bush was unable to make contact with him at the time.


Deputy Bush stood by with the female until she located the keys to her van and then left to meet her father. The female originally thought that her boyfriend took her keys.