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Suspicious Activity


Suspicious Activity



On April 11, 2017 at approximately 0120 hours, Deputy Loe was dispatched to 146 Hempstead 23 Lot #11 in reference to suspicious activity


Upon arrival, he made contact with Carl Clayton who stated that he and his wife Timeka Clayton had left the residence at approximately 2100 hours, and had just returned home at around 0110 hours and noticed that a wet blanket was laying on the living room floor, and a pair of bolt cutters laying on top of it. Carl stated that his front door wasn't completely closed and that it looked like all of their dressers and drawers had been rummaged through. Carl stated that the bolt cutters belonged to him, but were normally in the toolbox next to his front door. Carl stated that he hadn't noticed anything actually missing from his house, just that everything had been gone through. Carl stated that couch in the living room had also been moved, and was supposed to be lined up squarely in the middle of the living room. Carl stated that the window in his living room was also open with the curtains pulled back.


Carl stated that none of his tools, or the 9mm pistol that he has next to his bed were missing. Carl stated that he locked his truck prior to leaving, and that when he returned, the dome light was on and the driver door was unlocked.