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Suspicious Person


Suspicious Person.

On June 14, 2017 at approximately 0010 hours, Deputy Malone was dispatched to 3174 Highway 174 South in reference to a suspicious person.


Upon arrival, He made contact with the caller. Who stated that his son saw a vehicle pull up across the Highway from their residence with its lights off. He stated that his son saw a person get out of the vehicle and walk onto their property. Caller said that his son then lost sight of the subject. Caller stated that he and his family stayed up, and did not hear any noises or see anyone else.


The Son stated that he saw a Tahoe type vehicle coming from the direction of Springhill, and stopped between his residence and his next-door neighbor's residence. he stated that the vehicle had it's lights off. He said that he saw the passenger door open on the vehicle, and someone exited the vehicle. he stated that the driver of the vehicle kept driving down Highway 174 South. He said that he saw the subject walk down into the ditch and then walk within 20 yards of Todd's truck. The Son stated that he was having a hard time seeing the subject because he was having to look through a bush. He said that he could not tell whether or not the subject walked between the houses, or walked away. he stated that he did not see the subject after that.