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Battery 3rd Degree


Battery 3rd Degree

On June 14, 2017 at approximately 0015 hours, Deputy Brown received a call from the police dispatcher regarding a verbal altercation that was taking place, located at 726 Hempstead 32, in Nashville, Hempstead County, Arkansas.


Upon arrival he made contact with Cindy Mashburn who stated her daughters, boyfriend, and she were having an argument over the boyfriend being at the residence. Cindy stated the residence they were at was both Cindy and her daughters,


Cindy stated she did not want the boyfriend there because he was abusive and on drugs. Cindy states she has had several problems with him over the past year. Cindy stated her was trying to stay the night at the residence and she did not want him there. The boyfriend and Cindy got into an argument over him being there. he got up and yelled at her. and grabbed Cindy by the right forearm and took her phone, so she could not call the police. he broke the phone and then he and he daughter left the residence. Cindy stated the boyfriend lives at a residence in Nashville, Arkansas and her daughter usually stays with him at his residence.


Cindy showed me where Tyler grabbed her by the arm, but Deputy Brown could not see any redness or bruising. Deputy Brown observed that There were no visible injuries to Cindy at this time.