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Domestic Battery at 876 Hempstead 14


Domestic Battery

3rd Degree


On June 19, 2017 at approximately 0200 hours, Deputy Brown received was dispatched to an altercation that already occurred between husband and wife, located at 876 Hempstead 14, in Washington, Arkansas.


Upon arrival, he met with Angela Johnson and immediately noticed that Angela's lip was bleeding. Deputy Brown asked Angela what happened to her lip and she stated everything was fine, that it was just a misunderstanding.


Her husband, Johnny Johnson appeared to be very intoxicated, could not stand and it was very hard to understand him. While speaking with Johnny, Deputy Brown observed a scratch above Johnny's right left eye and right arm. Both marks were bleeding. Deputy Brown asked Johnny what happened between him and Angela. Johnny began crying and stated he did not know what happened and did not remember being in an altercation with her.


Deputy Brown spoke with Angela again and she continued to state that everything was fine and she did not need the police anymore, During the conversation with Angela, she finally stated her and Johnny were asleep in the bed together and Angela did not want Johnny to sleep in the bed, because they were in an argument. Angela told Johnny to go sleep on the couch. Johnny said no, he wanted to sleep there and then elbowed Angela in the nose. Angela stated when Johnny elbowed her, she slapped him and contacted the police department.


Due to the circumstances surrounding Johnny and Angela's health, both Johnny and Angela were arrested, issued citations on scene for Domestic Battery 3rd degree with a court date of 8/21/2017 at 0900 hours and released.