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Animal Complaint


Animal Complaint


At approximately 0950 hours on 06/20/17 Sgt. Bush was dispatched to 274 Highway 32 West in reference to an animal complaint.


Upon arrival he made contact with Joe Corbell. Joe stated that he has been having problems with the neighbor's dog coming into his yard and attempting to attack people. Joe stated that his wife had to fight the dog off with the lawn mower as it attempted to attack her while she was mowing the yard. Joe pointed out to me a black dog that was in the back yard of 268 Highway 32 West and advised Sgt. Bush that was the dog that has been aggressive towards them. Joe also advised me that the dog is loose.


Sgt. Bush then went to 268 Highway 32 west and made contact with the owner of the dog. Who stated that the dog belongs to him and his fiancé. Sgt. Bush informed him of the problems the neighbors were having. Sgt. Bush also warned him that if the dog did bite someone he could be responsible if the dog attacked someone and also be ordered to pay any medical bills in court. Sgt. Bush advised the owner that he needs to keep the dog put up. The owner stated that he understood.