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Animal Cruelty.


Animal Cruelty.


At 1321 hours on 06/20/17 Sgt. Bush was dispatched to 667 Hempstead 32 in reference to animal cruelty.


Upon my arrival, he spoke with Allen Davenport. Allen stated that he had Larry and Eden Roberts renting the house at the above address from him. He stated that he has not heard from them since the beginning of this month when they told him they would be out of town for a family emergency. Allen stated that he noticed that nobody has been over to the house to feed the 2 dogs and a chicken. He stated that he is in the process of having them evicted but they have not returned to get their property. Allen stated that they have now been avoiding his calls because they owe him rent.


Sgt. Bush observed two dogs that appeared malnourished. he also noticed that there was not any food out for the dogs. he checked on the chicken and found that it had water but did not have any food. Sgt. Bush has been unable to contact either Larry or Eden at this time.