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Criminal Trespass


At approximately 2102 hours on July 3, 2017 Deputy Sorensen was dispatched to 2500 Highway 67 West in reference to criminal trespass.


Upon arrival, he made contact with Jackie Neal. Jackie stated that Steve Rosilier had come onto the property and was knocking on people’s doors. I knew from a previous incident that Steve was criminally trespassing on the property.


Deputy Malone and Sorensen then searched the area around Hope in Action. While searching the area we observed Steve on a bicycle riding from the back of Hope in Action towards the front gate. Deputy Malone called for Steve to come speak with us but Steve continued to ride towards the front gate. As Steve passed Deputy Malone, Deputy Malone grabbed Steve by the right arm and gained control of him. Deputy Sorensen then placed Steve in handcuffs.  


Deputy Sorensen advised Steve that he was being charged with criminal trespass and he stated that he didn't care about criminal trespass charges. Deputy Malone then transported Steve to the Hempstead County Detention Center while I made sure that Steve had not caused any damage around the buildings.


At the Hempstead County Detention Center Steve was booked for Criminal Trespass with a court date of July 31, 2017.