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Assault on Family Member


Assault on Family Member


At approximately 1812 hours on July 4, 2017 Deputy Sorensen was dispatched to 467 Hempstead 52 in reference to an assault.


Upon arrival he made contact with Wanda Whitley. Wanda stated that her brother, Ronald Fore, has a drinking problem and was getting on her nerves. She stated that last week he started calling her "all kinds of names". Wanda stated that she "had enough and she went and backhanded him across the face. She stated "she don't have no tolerance for it".  


I went and spoke with Ronald at this point. Ronald stated that Wanda comes to the house and starts problems all the time. He stated that today he wanted her to take their mother home with her because Wanda doesn't help take care of her any. Deputy Sorensen asked Donald if Wanda had hit him last week and he stated that she had but he couldn't remember what day it had occurred on.


Deputy Sorensen advised Wanda that Ronald lived at the residence and was well within his rights to drink so long as he didn't hurt anyone. Wanda stated that she understood but he was just annoying. Deputy Sorensen advised her that him being annoying was no excuse for her to be violent. Sorensen then issued Wanda citation for Assault 3rd degree on a family or household member with a court date of July 31, 2017.