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Animal Complaint


Animal Complaint


On July 4, 2017 at approximately 0935 hours, Deputy Loe was dispatched to 745 Highway 355 East in reference to an animal complaint.


Upon arrival he made contact with Steven Powell, who stated that his neighbors had a small black dog that was coming on to his property and acting aggressively. Steven stated that the dog has tried to bite him and his guests on numerous occasions and that when it happened this morning, he shot at the ground to scare the dog away. Steven stated that he just wanted a Deputy to speak with neighbors and tell them to keep their dog off his property.


Deputy Loe then went to 118 Church Street in Patmos and made contact with Diana Porter. He advised Diana that one of her neighbors had called and complained about her dog being on their property and acting aggressively towards them. At that time, the black dog in question approached me in a very playful manner and began to lick my hand. The dog showed no signs of aggression towards me during my visit at the residence. Deputy Loe advised Diana that he didn't want the dog to get hurt, and that if at all possible, to keep the dog on her property. Diana stated that she understood.