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Public Intoxication/Criminal Mischief


Public Intoxication/Criminal Mischief


On July 4, 2017 at approximately 0210 hours, Deputy Malone was patrolling around the Springhill High School. He arrived at the back of the School and found two vehicles stuck in mud. Deputy Malone activated my emergency light, and a white male subject exited the driver's side of a red 2014 Ford F-150.   The white male subject was later identified as Katlin Hamilton. As Katlin approached me Deputy Malone could smell a strong odor of intoxicants coming from his person.


Deputy Malone asked Katlin what he was doing and he stated that he and some of his friends were hanging out behind the school and he got his vehicle a red 2015 Chevrolet Camaro stuck. Katlin stated that he tried to get his vehicle unstuck with his buddies red Ford F-150, and got it stuck as well.


Deputy Malone then walked up to the red Ford and observed and open container of Miller Lite beer in the driver's side cup holder. He observed that there were several ruts that were made around the two vehicles along with the ruts that the vehicles were stuck in. Malone asked Katlin if he made the ruts and he stated that he did not. Deputy Malone observed that some of the ruts lead up to Katlin's vehicle. Malone then looked inside Katlin's vehicle and observed a empty bottle of alcohol in the passenger side floor board. Malone then observed another bottle of alcohol in the floor board behind the front passenger's seat. Malone observed that Katlin was stumbling around and unsure on his feet. I also observed that Katlin's speech was slurred. When Malone questioned Katlin about the alcohol in both vehicles he stated that none of it was his.


Katlin later admitted to Deputy Luke Sorensen that he was driving the Chevrolet Camaro.


Katlin charged for Public Intoxication and Criminal Mischief Second Degree. Citation number with a court date of August 7, 2017 at 0900 hours.