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At approximately 0018 hours on July 4, 2017 Deputy Sorensen was dispatched to 468 Hempstead 5 in reference to a structure fire. He was advised by dispatch that the caller was unaware if everyone was out of the house at this time.


Upon my arrival he made contact with Shane Applegate. Shane stated that upon their arrival the rear of the home was completely engulfed.


Deputy Sorensen then made contact with the caller, Jordan Braswell. Jordan stated that he was outside at approximately midnight. He stated that he heard some "popping" near the burnt house. He stated that he didn't smell any smoke or anything and went to bed. He stated that he was lying in bed and saw the sky was orange. He stated that he walked back outside and saw the house next door was on fire.


Deputy Sorensen made contact with the homeowner, Donny Chandler. Donny stated that the house is vacant and he has been doing some remodeling on the house. He stated that he had been there earlier today doing some work. He stated that when he left he turned all the power tools off and made sure everything was turned off. He stated that he was unsure how it would have started.