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On July 3, 2017 at approximately 2259 hours, Deputy Malone was dispatched 667 Hempstead 32 in reference to a possible residence burglary. Dispatch advised that the reporting party advised them that someone was inside his house with the lights on, and that he could see the people inside.


Upon arrival Deputy Malone observed all of the lights in the house to be off. All windows and doors were locked. He did not observe any vehicles on the property.


Deputy Malone made contact with the reporting party Allen Davenport. Allen stated that he walked down his driveway at 658 Hempstead 32, and saw that the lights were on inside his rent house at 667 Hempstead 32. Allen stated that he walked back to his house and grabbed his phone. Allen said that he walked back to the end of his driveway, and said that the lights were off. Allen stated that he messaged his Ex renters Eve and Larry Roberts and asked them if they were at the house. He stated that they were supposed to be moved out of the house by today. Allen said the he received a message back from Eve stated that they were not at the residence.


Allen let Deputy Malone and Deputy Luke Sorensen into the residence so that they could clear it. Deputy Malone and Deputy Sorensen cleared the residence and found that no one was inside the residence. There are belongings still inside the residence from the previous renters Eve and Larry Roberts, and it appears that they are still in the process of moving out. Allen provided a phone number for Eve and Larry, Deputy Malone has not made contact with them at this time.