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Medical Emergency


Medical Emergency


At approximately 1039 hours on July 17, 2017 Deputy Sorensen was dispatched to 371 Hempstead 44 in reference to a medical emergency.


Upon arrival he made contact with The mother of a 53 year old male who stated that her son, had arrived at her house and seemed to be hallucinating. She stated that her son has been known to smoke marijuana but she didn't know of anything else.


Deputy Sorensen then made contact with the son who stated that the devil was outside trying to get him. When Deputy Sorensen asked him what happened he stated that God had come to his yard and wanted to play ball with him. He stated that while he was talking with god in the yard, the devil came and he had to leave and he then came to his mother's house. He stated that he just wanted to go somewhere and be protected from the devil.


Pafford EMS arrived and spoke with the son who was unable to answer any of their questions but willfully went with them.


The 53 year old male was transported to Howard Memorial Hospital. .