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Shots Fired at Residence


Shots Fired at Residence


At approximately 0822 hours on July 17, 2017 Deputy Sorensen was dispatched to 135 Hempstead 18 in reference to shots being fired at a residence earlier on this date.


Upon arrival, he made contact with Ronny Shewbirt. Ronny stated that at approximately 0130 hours to 0200 hours this morning he heard several shots come from outside his residence. He stated that when he heard them, after hiding his family in the closet, he ran outside. He stated that he never saw a vehicle but he heard what he thought was a loud truck pull away from his house and turn south onto Highway 29 North.


He stated that this morning he was looking around the house and he noticed what appeared to be a bullet hole in the outside wall of his home. He stated that he also started looking around by the road and found four bullets casings. He then showed deputy Sorensen both of these things.


Deputy Sorensen observed four .223 casing near the west side of the road. Deputy Sorensen then went into the house with Ronny. He observed what appeared to be an exit hole on the inside wall of the home, inside a cabinet. The bullet appeared to travel through the wall, through a box, and into a inside wall where it appeared to be lodged.


The incident is under investigation