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Criminal Mischief Civil Matter


Criminal Mischief Civil Matter


At approximately 1609 hours on 07/16/17 Sgt. Bush was dispatched to 3431 Highway 278 East in reference to a criminal mischief.


Upon arrival he made contact with a 44 year old female who stated that she has been having problems with their neighbor coming on their property. She stated that he sometimes rides his mower across the pasture which they didn't mind him doing until he ran through their pea patch that they planted about a month prior.


She stated that recently within the last two weeks he has cut down some trees on the property line and allowed them to fall on their property and left them. She stated that it damaged the fence which they are not worried about because they were going to build a new one but they also left the trees laying in the pasture which they cut for hay. The female stated that the trees are on their property and that the fence marks the property line.


Sgt. Bush spoke with the alleged property owner who stated that he spoke with the females husband about a year ago about cleaning up the fence line. He stated that he and came to an agreement that he would cut them so they would fall on his side of the fence.


Sgt. Bush advised both parties that he would would speak with the prosecuting attorney's office to see if this needs to be taken care of as a civil dispute or a criminal mischief.