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Terroristic Threatening/Battary



Press Release



At approximately 1507 hours on 05/31/15 Deputy Jimmy Bush was dispatched to 210 West Washington Street in Fulton, AR in reference to a Domestic Battery.


Upon arrival he spoke with Angela Fisher. Angela stated that her boyfriend (who she has been living with) James "Andy" Taylor came home today with John Fisher at approximately 1100 hours. She stated that they got into because she stated that they were going to get some clothes for Crystal Grigsby and go pick her up from the hospital.


James got angry and said that she was not going to go pick Crystal up and that he is going to. Angela stated that they argued about it and then John Fisher who is Angela's ex-husband slapped her on the side of her face and then James Taylor punched her in her right eye. She stated that John then told her that if she called the police "there would be no more Angie on this earth". She stated that James told her that she had until tomorrow morning for her and the kids to move out and then they are going to be coming back.


At approximately 1640 hours on 05/31/15 Deputy Bush took John Fisher and James Taylor into Custody near the intersection of Hempstead 1535 and Highway 67 west.


Deputy Bush transported Fisher to the Hempstead County Detention Center for the charges of Resisting Arrest, Assault on a Family Member, Terroristic Threatening, and Felony Bench Warrant for Probation Revocation and a Failure to Comply Warrant for $470.00. Fisher also had felony warrants with Nevada County, and Clark County.


Deputy Francisco Mercado transported James Taylor to the Hempstead County Detention Center. James was charged with Domestic Battery Third.


Deputy Bush also took a report involving these same subjects on 05/30/15. The report was on introduction of controlled substance into the body of another. In this incident James Taylor was suspected to have injected Crystal Grigsby with Methamphetamines. That case is still under investigation and arrest is expected.



John Fisher mugshotJames Andrew Taylor mugshot