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New ReleasePossession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Simultaneous Possession of Drugs and Firearms.


Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Simultaneous Possession of Drugs and Firearms.


On July 15, 2017 at approximately 1615 hours, Deputy Brown was patrolling the area of W. Ave B and Hamilton Street, when he observed a white male he knew as, Mark Collums, driving a silver Ford Ranger and a female passenger, Kimberly Sutton. he knew Kimberly was a heavy user of narcotics and Mark was possibly driving on a suspended driver's license. Deputy Brown had the police dispatcher run an ACIC/NCIC query on Mark. The query revealed Mark has a suspended driver's license and a failure to appear warrant with the City of Lewisville, Arkansas.


Deputy Brown observed Mark sitting inside his vehicle across from 717 W. Ave A. As Deputy Brown was pulling up to W. Ave A, He observed Kimberly bend down near the rear passenger's side of the vehicle and Mark began walking across the street to 717 W. Ave A. Deputy Brown made contact with Mark and placed him under arrest for the failure to appear warrant out of Lewisville, Arkansas, because they advised the police dispatcher they would extradite.


This area is known for high narcotic activity. Deputy Brown asked Mark and Kimberly if there was anything illegal on their person or inside their vehicle and both stated no. He asked Mark if there was anything illegal inside the vehicle. Mark stated there was nothing inside the vehicle that he knew of. Mark stated Deputy Brown could search the vehicle.


During the search of the vehicle, Deputy Brown located a blue Pal Mal cigarette pack containing two clear bags with what appeared to be methamphetamine residue in them, and a short straw commonly used for ingesting narcotics, located inside a tear on the driver's side seat.


Deputy Brown continued searching the vehicle. Once he got to the passenger's side of the vehicle, he observed a gray sock with a glass pipe commonly used for consuming methamphetamine sticking out of a hole in the sock, located beside the rear passenger's side tire. Deputy Brown reached down to pick up the sock and located two blue Pal Mal cigarette packs both containing a piece of plastic twisted up. He opened the twisted plastic and located a crystal-like substance believed to be methamphetamine. Deputy Brown noticed the bed of the truck and the inside were full of blue Pal Mal packs exactly like the ones that were located by the tire. At this time, Kimberly was placed under arrest for possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.



Kimberly and Mark were both transported to the HCDF where they were both charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance (methamphetamine) and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.


Deputy Brown also recovered a camouflage backpack in the bed of Mark's truck containing a silver revolver .22 caliber pistol. The pistol had 10 unspent .22 caliber bullets in the cylinder and was ready to fire. Mark was charged with Simultaneous Possession of Drugs and Firearms also.