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Person Reports Being Drugged


Person Reports Being Drugged


On July 15, 2017 at approximately 5:00 a.m., Deputy Mc Bride was dispatched to Wadley Hospital in Hope, Arkansas in reference to someone possibly being drugged.


Upon arrival, he spoke with a 54-year-old woman. who stated that she was at her friend’s apartment and was "hanging out. The 54-year-old started wiping her shirt off. she stated that there were rocks all over her at this time. Deputy Mc Bride did not observe any rocks on the 54-year-old female.


After the female stopped wiping her shirt, she stated that she thinks she was drugged. she stated that she snuck out of Hope in Action on Highway 67 and went to the Imperial Apartments on Main Street to hang out with an individual.


The 54-year-old female stated that she was drinking her Pepsi and saw several clear "rocks" in her drink. she stated that after a couple of minutes, the "rocks" would start to get smaller and eventually disappear. Deputy Mc Bride asked the female if the "rocks" were ice. she stated "it could have been."


At that time Deputy McBride asked the 54-year-old when the last time she consumed methamphetamine. She stated that she would be killed if she told him where she got it from.

Deputy Mc Bride advised the 54-year-old that he already knew where she got it from. She stated that a white female told her to go see a person at a local business. Deputy Mc Bride asked the 54 year old female if she was giving me consent to search her room at Hope in Action. she stated yes.


Mc Bride then went to Hope in Action and advised Helen Byers that he was asked by the 54 year old female to look at the room. Helen then escorted me to room number 5 and unlocked the door. Helen opened the door and Deputy Mc Bride did not see any rocks in the room. He observed numerous medication pills on the floor and on the night stand.


Helen stated that the 54-year-old was acting strange and was sitting in the hall in her underwear, before she was transported by ambulance. Helen stated that she went to the hospital on the night of July 14, 2017 and spoke with the 54-year-old. Helen stated the 54-year-old was diagnosed with pneumonia and dehydration.