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ATV Accident


ATV Accident


At approximately 1804 hours on 07/29/17 Sgt. Bush was dispatched to 4369 Hempstead 2 in reference to a medical emergency involving three juveniles that wrecked a four-wheeler.


Upon arrival Sgt. Bush observed three white females sitting on the side of Hempstead two in front of the above address. I first spoke with a 13-year-old female and her grandmother


The 13-year-old stated that she was on the front of the ATV when they flipped it as they went by the above address. The Grandmother stated that A 15-year-old female who came to the residence to visit their friend and another 15-year-old female. The Grandmother stated that one of the 15-year olds was sitting on the back of the ATV at the time of the accident.


Sgt. Bush spoke with one of the 15-year old’s and her mother the 15-year-old had an injury to her head and stated that she couldn't really remember what happened. The Mother stated that she witnessed the wreck. The 15-year old’s mother stated that she her 15 year old was driving the ATV and they were heading east bound on Hempstead 2. She stated that as they went by the house they yelled out and she was trying to get them to come back because they all weren't supposed to be on the ATV at once. She stated that as they went by they looked back towards her and then her daughter without paying attention steered to the right. She stated that it looked like they hit something and then rolled the ATV. She stated that the 13-year-old jumped off the front of it, and then other two fell off.


One 15-year-old had injuries to both knees and complained that they popped when she moved them. She also had injuries to her left leg and also scrapes from sliding on the asphalt. Another 15-year-old had injuries to her head and scrapes on her back and side from sliding on the asphalt. She also had injuries to her left leg and also scrapes from sliding on the asphalt. All three girls were transported by Pafford Ambulance to Wadley Regional Medical Center for treatment.


The ATV was a 2005 Honda 350.