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Breaking and Entering/ Church


Breaking and Entering/ Church


     On July 30, 2017 at approximately 10:30 a.m., Deputy Jeremy Mc Bride was dispatched to 161 Hempstead 151 in reference to breaking and entering. Upon arrival, he spoke with Leola Graves. Leola stated that she received a phone call from Robert White Jr. saying the alarm was going off at Common Hill church. Leola stated nothing was taken from the church.


Leola stated the phone lines had not been working properly for the past few days. Leola then checked the phone and found the phone not working still. I checked with dispatch and there was not an alarm call to Common Hill church in the last week. There was damage to the rear door, located next to Hempstead 151.  


Deputy Mc Bride spoke with Ronald Kidd at 195 Mallard Lane. Ronald stated he was sitting across the road from the church. Ronald stated he was sitting there for approximately twenty minutes and the alarm at the church started going off. Ronald stated that he contacted Robert White Jr., telephone number. Ronald stated he did not see anyone leave the church, nor did he see a vehicle around the church.