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DWI/Accident Hit and Run


DWI/Accident Hit and Run



At approximately 1649 hours on 07/30/17 Sgt. Jimmy Bush was dispatched to the intersection of Hempstead 27 North and Hempstead 349 in reference to a hit and run accident.


Upon my arrival he made contact with Crystal Masey. Crystal advised me that she was hit by Cindy Mashburn. Crystal stated that she was heading south bound and stopped to take a left onto Hempstead 349 and Cindy was west bound on Hempstead 349 and attempting to turn north bound on Hempstead 27. Crystal stated that Cindy did not stop at the stop sign and hit her as she attempted to make the right turn without stopping.


Sgt. Bush observed damage to Crystal's truck on the front bumper on the driver's side. Crystal stated that Cindy stopped but later left the scene. She described Cindy's truck as a Silver Toyota and provided me with the license plate number 382PRG. While working the accident the Crystal brought Sgt. Bush a phone and stated that it was Cindy on the other end of the line.


Cindy advised Sgt. Bush that she is on Hempstead 27 North near the Bingen Fire Department and that she was trying to return to the scene of the accident but her vehicle broke down.


Sgt. Bush located Cindy in the 400 Block of Hempstead 27 North at approximately 1743 hours. I asked Cindy what happened and she stated that she stopped at the stop sign and pulled out without seeing Crystal and hit her. She stated that she then left the scene because she needed to go to the creek to put water in her radiator because it was busted in the accident. She stated that when she was coming back the truck died on her.


While speaking with Cindy he detected the odor of alcoholic beverages coming from her. he then returned to my patrol vehicle and got my department issued portable breath test. Sgt. Bush asked Cindy how much she has had to drink today and she stated that she has had one drink approximately 3 hours prior. Sgt. Bush asked Cindy to perform the test which she agreed to. The test showed the alcohol content of .164.


Sgt. Bush then asked Cindy to perform the standard field sobriety tests. Which she failed to perform. Sgt. Bush placed Cindy under arrest for DWI and detained her in my patrol vehicle at 1812 hours.


Sgt. Bush transported Cindy to the Hempstead County Detention Center where he read her the DWI rights form and she signed stating that she understood and agreed to take the test. Hope Police Officer Freddie Parks then operated the BAC machine and had her perform the test. At 1953 hours the BAC showed the final result of .149.


Sgt. Bush Charged Cindy with DWI, Leaving the scene of an accident, and Disobeying a stop sign with a court date of 08/14/17.