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Church Burglary


On August 3, 2017 at approximately 1100 hours, Deputy Landon Loe was dispatched to 5210 Highway 67 West in reference to a break in.


Upon arrival, he made contact with Jessie Henry, the Pastor of the church, who stated that the secretary, Frances Hendrix, noticed that the church had been broken into. Jessie stated that they didn't believe anything had been stolen, but that the suspect ransacked the church looking for something. Jessie stated that he believes the person was looking for cash, but that they don't keep any inside the church. The side door of the church had been kicked in, but the muddy shoe print left on the door had been smeared. There were several desks inside the church that had been gone through and papers had been thrown around the offices.


Deputy Loe advised Jessie and Frances that if they noticed anything missing inside the church to contact the Sheriff's Office in order for the items to be added to the report.