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Domestic Dispute


Domestic Dispute


On August 7, 2017 at approximately 1630 hours, Deputy Brown received a call from the police dispatcher regarding a verbal altercation, located at 742 Hempstead 55, in Emmet, Arkansas.


Upon arrival, he met with the caller, who stated his sister, was very intoxicated and trying to leave her residence driving. caller stated that he grabbed the keys from his sister and would not let her leave. caller stated his sister got mad and began arguing with him over him taking the keys. caller stated that his sister contacted the police department.


Deputy Brown made contact with the sister. and could smell a very strong odor of intoxicants coming from her person. The sister’s speech was very slurred and it appeared she urinated on herself. The sister was not making any sense while speaking with me. She kept yelling at her brother and verbally assaulting him. The sister stated she just wanted her keys and she would go inside and sleep. She also accused her brother of stealing her phone and not giving it back. The sister stated that her brother hit her in the face and was very mean to her.


Deputy Brown did not observe any injuries at all on the sister. Deputy Brown advised the sister to go inside and sleep off the alcohol.