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Reckless Driving


Reckless Driving


On 17 August 2017, Inv. Gary Dorman was patrolling the area of Hempstead 21 (Melrose Lane) and highway 278 west. The Police Dispatcher gave out a call over the radio that there was a silver Honda CRV that was traveling west on highway 278. The Dispatcher stated that the caller advised that the Honda passed them on a double yellow line.


Dorman observed a silver Honda turn onto Hempstead 21 and begin traveling south. he observed that the Honda was behind another vehicle for approximately one mile. The vehicle was following within, what appeared to have been just feet of the vehicle in front of it. Dorman then observed the Honda pass the vehicle that was in front of it. The Honda was passing the car in a no passing zone and through a railroad crossing. Dorman then got behind the vehicle and activated my emergency lights. The Honda pulled to the side of Hempstead 21 near the intersection of Hempstead 2.


Inv. Dorman made contact with the driver of the vehicle, Linda Daugherty. Linda still had her window rolled up and at first refused to lower it. Inv. Dorman advised Linda that he was just there to talk to her about her driving and after talking to her for a minute, she finally opened her door. He advised Linda who he was and why he had stopped her.


Dorman advised Linda that he was following her at one hundred miles per hour. Linda stated "It was more like a hundred and 10 miles an hour". Dorman advised Linda that he believed that and she stated "Good because that's the truth". During the time he spoke to Linda, she kept her hands up in the air and when Dorman told her that she didn't have to hold her hands up, she stated "I don't want you to shoot me".


Dorman asked Linda to step out of vehicle. Linda was reluctant at first to get out but eventually did so. Dorman knew that Linda had recently fled from Officers of the Nashville, Arkansas Police Department. The incident ended in Hempstead County after Officers deployed spike strips on her tires and had to break out a window to remove her from the vehicle.


Inv. Dorman asked Linda why she was driving like she was. Linda stated because someone was chasing her. Dorman advised Linda that he was following her and that no one was chasing her. Linda stated that the person chasing her must have kept going towards Hope on the highway.


Inv. Dorman placed Linda under arrest for reckless driving and made a phone call to her husband, to come and get her vehicle. He was in walking distance of the location where Dorman stopped Linda and the vehicle was released to him.