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Terroristic Threatening



Andy Anderson mugshot




June 16, 2015


 At approximately 2303 hours on June 15, 2015 Deputy Luke Sorenson was dispatched to Amandex apartment number 66.  In reference to a man trying to burn a woman out of her car.


Upon arrival, Arkansas State Troopers Travis Hale and David Hamilton had already separated the subjects.  Trooper Hamilton stated that the male subject, Andy Anderson, had been beating on his mother’s car while she was in it.


Deputy Sorenson spoke with Andy Anderson and he stated that he had become angry earlier and that he wanted to burn and destroy things. 


When asked what he had been angry about he stated that he could not remember.  Anderson told Deputy Sorenson that he had burnt buildings down before and that he has a history of arson.  I asked him what he was going to burn and he stated that he was going to set the woods adjacent to Amandex on fire.


Deputy Sorenson then Spoke with Carol Standridge, Andersons’s mother she stated that she and Andy had been sitting in the house watching the news when he became mad.  She stated that she did not know why he became angry, only that he got up, grabbed her house shoes, and went into the bathroom.  She stated that he locked the doors and then she went out to her car to call the police.


Standridge stated that Anderson then came out of the house with a barbecue lighter and started yelling at her while lighting the lighter.  She stated that he said he wanted to burn something and to destroy things.  She stated that he then started hitting the car and trying to get at her. 


Standridge stated that Anderson told her was going to break the windows of the car and that he knew how to.  She stated that she was worried he was going to try and burn the apartments down and she was worried about the families that live there. 


Deputy Sorenson placed Anderson under arrest for Terroristic Threatening and Disorderly Conduct. He was transported to the HCDF to await a first appearance.