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Disorderly Conduct


Disorderly Conduct


At approximately 1028 hours on 09/06/17 Sgt. Jimmy Bush was dispatched to 129 Hempstead 1535 in reference to disorderly conduct.


Upon my arrival, he spoke with Jason Cox who works for the Hempstead County Road Department. Jason stated that he was working on putting a ditch in to help drain water away from Phillip Robert's yard. He stated that Phillip though he was doing it wrong and climbed on the side of the grader yelling at him. He stated that he contacted the county judge. Jason stated that no threats were made by Phillip.


Phillip stated that he thought he was supposed to be doing something else and misunderstood what he was doing. Deputy Bush explained to him that if he has a problem he should have spoken with the County Judge's Office and not climb onto their grader and yell at their employee. He stated that he understood and that it would not happen again.