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Possession with Purpose to Deliver


Possession with Purpose to Deliver


On September 4, 2017, at approximately 2210 hours, Deputy Reyn Brown and Josh Cingolani were patrolling the 1400 block of West Avenue B., When officers observed a 2010 red Chevrolet Impala with paper license commit the traffic violation of no turn signal, in violation of Arkansas code 27-51-403 in Hempstead County Arkansas.


Deputies made contact with the driver of the vehicle, a 17-year-old male juvenile and a passenger 19-year-old Decovan Muldrew. During the traffic stop located what appeared to be an empty Black and Mild package. Deputy Brown looked inside the pack and located a plastic baggie with a crystal rock like substance inside suspected to be methamphetamine. At this time, the 17-year-old juvenile was placed under arrest.


Deputies located a lunch box in the passenger's side floor board containing a clear bag containing a green leafy substance suspected to be marijuana, black digital scales, several empty baggies like the one the marijuana was packaged in, and a mason jar with what appeared to be marijuana residue. At this time, 19-year-old Decovan Muldrew was placed under arrest. While searching Decovan's person, $167.00 in US currency was recovered and seized.


The 17-year-old juvenile and Decovan Muldrew were transported to the HCDF where they were both charged with possession with purpose to deliver. Upon arrival at the HCDF Deputies contacted the juvenile intake officer. She advised there was court the next morning at 0900 hours and the 17-year-old could sit in jail until court. 19-year-old Decovan Muldrew will be held for 1st court appearance and the 17-year-old will be referred to juvenile court.


The suspected methamphetamine was weighed on an uncalibrated digital scale and the weight showed 4.4 grams. The marijuana was weighed on an uncalibrated digital scale and the weight showed 26.1 grams.