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Prostitution, Aggravated Assault, Sexual Solicitation, False Imprisonment 1st Degree




Chad Bunnell


Bailey Gibbs



Prostitution, Aggravated Assault, Sexual Solicitation, False Imprisonment 1st Degree



  On September 26, 2017 at approximately 0320 hours, Deputy Loe was dispatched to the 300 block of Hempstead 36 in reference to reports of a female shooting at a male.


Upon arrival, Deputy Aaron and Loe stopped at the Spring Hill Store due to a vehicle being parked on the property that was more than likely related to the incident. Upon investigating the vehicle, an individual was discovered sleeping in the back of the vehicle. I then made contact with the person who stated that he had given his friend Bailey Gibbs a ride from Texarkana to that location in order for her to meet with a friend.


The Person stated that he had been waiting for her to return for approximately 3 hours, and did not know where she went. The person stated that Bailey had gotten into a white truck with an unknown individual and headed down Hempstead 36 and that was the last time he had seen or heard from her.


Deputies continued down Hempstead 36 in order to make contact with the caller, Chad Bunnell. Deputies located Chad in the 300 block of Hempstead 36 holding a flashlight. Chad stated that he was supposed to hang out with Bailey at his house, and that after she got there, she stole $600 from him and was trying to get away.


Chad stated that she was running down Hempstead 36 while he was following her, and she began to shoot at him. Chad stated that Bailey fired between 5 and 6 shots at him, some of the rounds striking the pavement causing shrapnel to hit his hand and arm. Chad stated that at that time, he lost sight of Bailey after she went up to a residence knocking on the door. Chad stated that Bailey was still in there at that time.


Deputies proceeded to a residence on Hempstead 36. Upon arrival, Deputy Loe was met at the door by Bailey, Deputy Loe asked Bailey if she had any weapons on her and she advised that she did not and that the gun was in the kitchen on the table. Deputy Loe then followed Bailey inside the house where he then took possession of a Silver/Red SCCY CPX-1 9mm semi-automatic handgun two additional live rounds that were inside her bag, and six $100 bills that were inside Bailey's sock.






Deputy Loe asked Bailey what was happening and she advised that she had met Chad online and that she was supposed to meet him tonight at the Spring Hill Store in order for her to go home with him and have sexual intercourse with him for money. Bailey stated that when entered Chad's truck, he handed her $600 as payment for the sex. Bailey stated that they then went to his house and had sexual intercourse.


Bailey stated that at that time, she wanted to go back to her friend and go home, but Chad insisted that he had paid for her to stay the whole evening. Bailey stated that Chad let her in his vehicle, but that he wouldn't take her back to her friend's vehicle. Bailey stated that multiple times he would act like he was headed back, only to quickly turn around. Bailey stated that one of the times he was turning around, she jumped out of the vehicle and started running.


Bailey stated that she initially hid behind a car trying to wait for him to pass, but then she realized she was at the house right next door to his. Bailey then stated that she then tried to sneak past Chad, but he saw her and began to chase her. Bailey said that she yelled at him to leave her alone and that she didn't know him like that, but that Chad kept chasing her. Bailey stated that she then produced her firearm and began to fire it at Chad. Bailey stated that she then made it to the residence she was currently in and began knocking on the door trying to get someone to answer.


Deputy Loe made contact with the homeowner who stated that she was asleep when she heard very loud banging on her door. She stated that she saw that it was a young female who appeared to be alone, so she opened the door. The homeowner stated that while Bailey was sitting at the kitchen table, she took some sort of pill.


Deputy Loe placed Bailey Gibbs under arrest for Prostitution and Aggravated Assault, Deputy Aaron the placed Chad Bunnell under arrest for Sexual Solicitation and False Imprisonment 1st. Both were taken to HCDF to await a first court appearance.