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Terroristic threatening.


Terroristic threatening.



On November 13, 2017 at approximately 1310 hours, Deputy Malone was dispatched to the Hempstead County Sheriff's Office regarding Terroristic threatening.


Upon arrival he made contact with the victim who stated that he was at a rent house at 4473 Hempstead 3 working on it. He stated that his neighbor, who lives at 4483 Hempstead 3 came over to his rent house and was ranting and raving about several different things.


Victim stated that the neighbor was cussing a lot, the victim stated that he told the neighbor that he needed to get off of his property. Victim stated that the neighbor then became irate and began cussing at him and stated that he had a gun and knows how to use it.


Victim stated that a friend was at the residence with him during the incident and witnessed what the neighbor said. The victim’s friend stated that the neighbor became so irate he believed that he was going to go and get a firearm and use it on them.


The victim stated that he then escorted the neighbor to the property line. The victim stated that all he did was walk beside his neighbor and talk to him, and the neighbor then went back to his residence. And the victim and his friend left the residence.


Victim stated that he did not want to pursue charges against neighbor for Terroristic threatening. Instead the victim that he wanted the neighbor to be given a criminal trespass warning.


Deputy Malone then went to 4483 Hempstead 3 and made contact with the neighbor. Deputy Malone advised the neighbor that the victim did not want him back on the property. The neighbor advised that he understood.