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Domestic Battery


Domestic Battery


On November 14, 2017 at approximately 1509 hours, Deputy Malone was dispatched to 3581 Highway 355 South regarding an assault.


Upon arrival he made contact with the 45-year-old female victim who stated that she met her new boyfriend on an online dating site. She stated that she has known him for 6 days.


Victim stated that she has moved into the boyfriend’s camper with him at 3485 Highway 355 South. She stated that today her boyfriend got angry with her and said that she was lying to him. She stated when she asked him what she was lying about he stated everything and that she was saying he was lying also.


Victim stated that the suspect who was identified as William Rowe age 46 of Hope punched her on the right side of her face with his left hand then on the left side with his right, and again on the right side with his left and once more on the left side with his right fist.


Victim stated that Rowe hit her on the back of her head which created knots on the back of it. She stated that Rowe hit her with something on her right thigh. The victim stated that Rowe then dragged her by her feet down the stairs of the camper. She stated that she started screaming very loudly until Rowe stopped assaulting her, and she then left walking down Highway 355 South. She stated that Rowe left soon after in a red Chevrolet S10 Blazer type vehicle.


Deputy Malone observed that the victim had several bruises on the back of both of her arms. the bruises on the back of her arms appear old, but Katherine stated that they were made by William today. Deputy Malone observed that the victim had bruises on her right jaw. She had a bruise on her right forearm that was swollen. She had 3 bruises on the inside of her right forearm. A small bruise under her jaw on the left side on her face. A bruise on the back of her left shoulder. A scrape on the left side of her lower back, and a Bruise on her right thigh. I took pictures of these injuries and they will be attached to this report. I then went to 3485 Highway 355 South to see if William was home. He was not. I allowed Katherine to get her clothes from the camper, and then left the residence.


Deputy Row Discovered that William Rowe had a felony warrant with Hempstead County.


Deputy Malone was passing by Hope in Action 2 on Highway 67 West in the 2500 block, and observed a vehicle matching the description of the vehicle that William was supposed to be driving. Malone then went to Hope in Action 2 and made contact with William Rowe.


Deputy Malone took William into custody for Domestic Battery 3rd degree 5-26-305, and advised dispatch to make sure the felony warrant was valid.

Deputy Malone then transported William to the HCDF and wrote him a citation for Domestic Battery 3rd degree 5-26-305 with a court date of December 4, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. Deputy Malone also served William's felony warrant on him 29CR-16-207-2. William was then released to the custody of the on-duty jail staff for booking.