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On Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at approximately 2100 hours, Deputy Brown received a call from the police dispatcher in reference to a theft, located at 3498 Highway 174 S, in Hempstead County, Arkansas.


Upon arrival he met with Robin Kidd who stated someone has stolen her tiller. Robin stated sometime over the weekend her red CRT 400 tiller was stolen from under her carport. She stated it was just noticed today, but over the weekend is when they were gone to ball games and stuff.


She stated the tiller cost approximately $700.00 and she bought it from Walmart. She did not have the serial number at this time, but will try to find it. She stated it was sitting right underneath her carport when it was taken She stated during the theft, there was a trash can that was knocked over at the side of the residence leaving the carport.