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Impersonation of Police Officer


Impersonation of Police Officer



On November 14, 2017 at approximately 0956 hours, dispatch advised Deputy Malone of a name and number regarding someone impersonating a police officer.


Upon making contact with the 25-year-old female victim she stated that she was traveling East on Highway 73 East at approximately 1810 hours on November 13, 2017. Victim stated that she passed Hempstead 105 and saw a white Crown Victoria parked on Hempstead 105 facing Highway 73 East.


The victim stated that the vehicle pulled out behind her and activated blue lights. Victim stated that she pulled her vehicle to the side of the road and a younger white male subject came to her window of her vehicle, and told her "Ma'am you know you're supposed to turn your blinker on when going around a curve.


Victim stated that he then asked for her driver's license. Victim stated that she gave the male subject her old driver's license, and the male subject went back to his vehicle for approximately 3 to 4 minutes. Victim stated that the male subject then came back to her window and gave her license back and stated that he was giving her a verbal warning.


Victim stated that the male subject has dark hair, average height, and had a black jacket on with a spot for a name tag. Victim stated that he did not have a name tag on but did have a gold pin on his jacket. Victim stated that she did not see a badge She stated that she has never seen the male subject before, and that he did not act like he knew what he was doing. Victim stated that the vehicle the male subject was driving is a white Crown Victoria that has a spot light, and the only blue lights on the vehicle was a strip of blue lights at the top of his windshield.


The incident remains under investigation.