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On November 14, 2017 at approximately 0910 hours, Dispatch advised Deputy Malone of a name and number regarding harassment.


Upon Making contact with the 28-year-old victim by phone she stated that a man named, with whom she had a relationship who lives at on County Road 14 has been harassing her.


Victim stated that she had a sexual relationship with the man two time’s during the summer of 2017. Victim stated that the man contacted her on Snap Chat and told her that he had a video of them having sex, and has showed it to his brother.


Victim stated that she and the man got into an argument on Snap Chat, Victim stated that she does not know if he actually does have a video or not. She stated that she has a fiancé now and man is mad because she will not come to see him. The victim stated that she has blocked the man on Snap Chat, and he has not contacted her since.


When asking the victim if she wished to press charges against the man for Unlawful Distribution of Sexual Images or Recordings 5-26-314. The victim asked if she would have to go to court. Deputy Malone advised her that she would. The victim then asked if her fiancé would find out about the incident. Deputy Malone advised her that he was unsure if he would.


The victim then advised Deputy Malone that she might have messed up by calling the Sheriff's Office, and stated that she did not wish to file a report and that she was just going to change her phone number and block the man from all of her social media.