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Breaking and Enterning/Theft of Property


 On 30 June 2015, Inv. Gary Dorman was in the area of the Emmet Storage buildings on highway 299. When he observed a car parked behind the back row of storage units. The car had the truck open and it appeared that there were items in the trunk.


Inv. Dorman then pulled his patrol vehicle into the storage units and walked to the car he heard what he believed to be someone inside the storage unit. He then observed a white male, later identified as Ronald Fore, exit the storage unit and place something in the trunk of the car.


Fore did not see him and went back into the storage unit. Inv. Dorman then walked up to the storage unit and identified himself. Inv. Dorman asked Fore what he was doing. Fore stated that he was moving his belongings from this storage unit to another unit.


As Inv. Dorman spoke with Ronald, he smelled an odor coming from Fore’s person that he associated with an alcoholic beverage. Fore told Dorman he had had two beers.   


 Ronald Fore mugshot

Ronald Fore