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Deputy Rescues Mother and Baby from High Water


 At approximately 11:21 A.M. on July 4, 2015 Deputy Luke Sorenson was dispatched to Hempstead 13 in reference to a woman and child being trapped in a flooding car.


Upon arrival Deputy Sorenson observed the car on the edge of the road in approximately 10 inches of flowing water.  Deputy Sorenson positioned his patrol car as close as he could and walked to the vehicle. 


He made contact with a woman who was later known to be 18 year old Tami Van Horn.  Van Horn handed Deputy Sorenson her three year old child through the window Deputy Sorenson carried the child to a firefighter that had arrived on scene. 


Deputy Sorenson then went back to the vehicle and spoke with Tami.  She stated that she was pregnant and was unable to open the door due to the water pushing on it.  She then managed to climb out the window as Deputy Sorenson and a Firefighter assisted her to a shallow section of road. 


Deputy Sorenson had Tami and her son sit in his patrol unit and   moved them to her house which was approximately a quarter of a mile down the road.  The Saratoga Volunteer fire department managed to pull her car out of the water and up to her house where it seemed to be in running condition.