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One Year Old Shot With B.B. Gun


One-year Old Shot with B.B. Gun



On December 21, 2017 at approximately 1310 hours, Deputy Kyle Malone was contacted by dispatch regarding a 1-year old boy being shot in the neck by his 3-year-old brother with a BB gun.


Deputy Malone made contact with the mother who stated that she was getting ready for work this morning, the mother stated that her one-year old son and three-year-old son were in the living room playing. The mother stated that she heard a BB gun go off, and then heard her one-year old scream.


The mother stated that she went into the living room and realized that the younger son had been shot in the neck with the BB gun apparently by the older brother. The mother stated that she grabbed her children and rushed to Howard Memorial Hospital.


The mother stated that once she reached Howard Memorial they transported him to Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock. The mother told Deputy Malone that the BB nicked the one-year old’s carotid artery on the left side of his neck, but did not damage it. She stated that they are keeping the child at Children's for observation at this time.


According to the mother the incident occurred at approximately at 5:30 am, However the Sheriff’s office was not notified until 1:10 P.M.