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Public Intoxication


At approximately 2230 hours on 12/22/17 Sgt. Jim Bush was dispatched to 3815 Highway 278 W. in reference to a suspicious person. Dispatch advised that the subject was attempting to get into the caller’s house. Hope Police Officers Justin Dean and Scott Hurd were requested to assist.


Upon Sgt. Bush’s arrival Officer Dean had already detained the subject later identified as Jeffery Knorr. Jeffery stated that he was walking from a friend's house and needed a ride so he knocked on the door and was trying to get them to let him in so he could use their phone. Jeffery was unable to tell me where his friend's house was or who they were. He was fidgeting as we were speaking with him. Officer Dean asked him when the last time he used Methamphetamines was. He did not answer the question. Sgt. Bush asked him and he told Sgt. Bush that he has been on it off and on over the past few weeks. Sgt. Bush noticed that Jeffery's eyes were blood shot and his pupils were dilated. Sgt. Bush then walked Jeffery back to his patrol unit and advised him that he was under arrest for Public Intoxication.


Sgt. Bush transported Jeffery to the Hempstead County Detention Center for Public Intoxication. I issued citation number 200590 to Jeffery for the same charge with a court date of January 29, 2018.