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Gator Refuses to leave front porch


At approximately 9:28 A.M. on July 5, 2015 Deputy Luke Sorenson was dispatched to 271 Southlake road in reference to an animal complaint.


Upon arrival he made contact with the caller who stated that a small alligator had been lying on his front porch for a few hours and that it would not leave. 


The caller then showed Deputy Sorenson where the alligator was laying.  Deputy Sorenson then contacted Arkansas Game and Fish Officer Jeff Neal.  Deputy Sorenson advised him that there was an approximately two-foot long alligator in the callers front yard.  Officer Neal advised Deputy Sorenson to try and get it to leave with a small stick that would be fine. 


Deputy Sorenson then managed to guide the alligator out of the front yard and it walked off into the woods towards Lake Millwood.