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Domestic Battery


Domestic Battery


On 1/16/2018 at approximately 0900 hours, Deputy Kyle Rowe was dispatched to 107 West Clary Street in Emmet in reference to Brandi Wyble having an altercation with her husband.


Upon arrival, he made contact with Brandi and her husband, Jesse Wyble. Brandi stated that this morning she, Jesse, and her children were outside with their dogs. Brandi stated that Jesse was getting upset for some apparent reason with the dogs so they went inside. Brandi stated when they were inside, she was feeding her kids, and one of them needed a fork. Brandi stated that Jesse went to get the fork out of the drawer for her child and she stated that she told him to not worry about it and sit down to eat. Brandi stated that Jesse then slapped her on her hand and started to argue with her. Brandi stated that Jesse then pushed her onto the floor in the living room and he fell on top of her pushing her arms down.


Deputy Rowe then asked Jesse if he pushed Brandi and he stated that he did and he fell down onto her.


Deputy Rowe observed Brandi's hand it was red and swollen.


Deputy Rowe arrested Jesse and transported him to the Hempstead County Detention Center. Jesse is charged for Domestic Battery 3rd for a first appearance.