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Terroristic Threatening and Carrying a Weapon


On July 6, 2015 at approximately 2:16 P.M. Deputy Francisco Mercado and Sgt. Matthew Dunham were dispatched to 215 Hempstead 248 in reference to a black male walking down the road with a gun.


Upon arrival the deputies made contact with 18 year old Michael Lewis deputies detained and questioned Lewis about a gun Lewis stated that he threw the gun down the road by a creek.


Lewis stated that he and his aunt got into argument because she did not let him drive to the park so he could practice his driving. Lewis stated that they began to argue.


Deputies made contact with Lewis’s aunt, who stated that at approximately 1300 hours she returned home from work and Lewis told her that she needed to let him drive her vehicle. The Aunt sated that she told Lewis that she was tired and that she was not going to let him drive. The aunt stated that Lewis began to argue with her and yelling at her saying "Bitch you're going to let me drive". The Aunt stated that she told Lewis he was not going to drive. The Aunt stated that Lewis then told her "Bitch ill kill you".

The aunt stated that Lewis went into his room changed his clothes and walked out of his room with a black gun in his hand and showed it to her then walked out of the residence. The aunt stated that Lewis never pointed the gun at her.


Deputies found the gun in the 100 block of Hempstead 248 were Lewis showed them where he threw the gun. The gun a black ops BB gun black in color was recovered.


Deputies placed Michael Lewis under arrest for felony terroristic threatening and carrying a weapon and transported him to the Hempstead County Detention Center.


 Michael Deshawn Lewis mugshot