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HCSO Criminal Patrol Makes Arrest


Office of the Sheriff

Hempstead County, Arkansas

James A. Singleton, Sheriff

Hempstead County Law Enforcement Center

312 South Washington

Hope, Arkansas 71801




 Quintrell Montrey Riley mugshot


On Sunday, February 4, 2018 at approximately 1147 hours, while working criminal interdiction on Interstate 30, Deputy Reyn Brown conducted a traffic stop on a red Mercury Regency at mile marker 23 eastbound, in Hempstead County, Arkansas. Deputy Brown observed the above vehicle going at a slower rate of speed than normal and had very dark tinted windows.


Deputy Brown made contact with the female driver and passenger Quintrill Riley. While speaking with Quintrill, Deputy Brown smelled a very strong odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. Deputy Brown could tell Quintrill appeared to be very nervous and his hands were shaking.  


Deputy Brown asked the female to step out of the vehicle and speak with him. Once the female was at the rear of her vehicle Deputy Brown asked her if there was anything illegal inside the vehicle, because he could smell marijuana. She stated there was a little weed inside the vehicle.


Deputy Brown asked her where it was at and she stated it is on Quintrill. Deputy Brown asked Quantrill to step out of the vehicle. When Quintrill opened the passenger's door of the vehicle to step out, Deputy Brown noticed a very large amount of U.S. currency in the door panel. Brown asked Quintrill if he had anything illegal on his person and he stated a little weed. Quintrill reached into his left pants pocket and pulled out a clear bag containing a green leafy substance suspected to be marijuana. Deputy Brown searched Quintrill’s person and located another large amount of US currency in his right pants pocket.


Deputy Brown began to search the vehicle. Investigator McBride arrived and helped search the vehicle. Investigator McBride began searching the trunk of the vehicle. Deputy McBride observed a black plastic sack sitting on top of a large speaker box on the left side of the trunk. Inside the black plastic sack contained $20,825.00 in US currency. The US currency was in bundles rubber banded together mostly in stacks of $1000.00.


Investigator McBride continued searching and located a gray plastic bag inside of a brown Gucci bag containing $8,001 in US currency. The US currency was all bundled together using rubber bands. At this time, Quintrill was detained. When Investigator McBride located the US currency in the trunk, Quintrell held his arms out and stated "I knew I was going to jail for this." The US currency in the door panel was $1,220 in US currency. Quintrell had $855.00 in US currency in his right pants pocket.


The US currency was packaged and taken as evidence and safe keeping. The vehicle was impounded by Reese Wrecker Service.


Quintrell was transported to the HCDF. While in route, Quintrell advised he had some marijuana in his pants. Quintrell told Deputy Brown when he got behind them he got scared and put some marijuana in his pants, but the bag came open and it was loose in his pants. Upon arrival at the HCDF, Quintrell was searched and located some more marijuana that fell out of his pants. Quintrell was charged for possession of a controlled substance 'marijuana' and given a court date of 4/2/18 at 0900 hours. Quintrell was turned over to the on-duty jail staff for booking process. The female driver was issued a warning for tinted windows and released