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New ReleaseDomestic Battery 2nd Degree


Domestic Battery 2nd Degree  


On February 11, 2018 at approximately 0400 hours, Deputy Kyle Malone was dispatched to 700 Hempstead 40 West regarding a stabbing. Deputies Reyn Brown and Orlando Dennis were in route to the scene as well


Upon arrival Deputy Malone made contact with Deputy Brown and Dennis. They advised that they already had the suspect 43-year-old Melanie Jackson in custody. Deputy Dennis advised that Melanie told him that her husband, Tony Jackson woke her up cussing at her. She advised Deputy Dennis that she started looking for her keys and Tony pushed her. She stated that she then grabbed a steak knife from the kitchen sink and stabbed Tony on the left side on his face.  


Pafford Emergency Medical Services advised the victim 59-year-old Tony Jackson was unable to talk due to the injury he sustained. Pafford EMS then transported Tony to Christus Saint Michael's Medical Center in Texarkana. The suspect 43-year-old Melanie Jackson was transported to the Hempstead County Detention Center and charged with Domestic Battery 2nd degree 5-26-304, and is awaiting first appearance.


Tony Jackson is listed in Critical Condition at a Texarkana Hospital.