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Driving on Suspended License, Fleeing


Driving on Suspended License, Fleeing,


At approximately 2307 hours on 03/17/18, while sitting stationary at the intersection of Highway 278 west and Highway 195. Deputy Sorensen and Sgt. Bush witnessed a white Ford Expedition make a left turn on Highway 278 from Highway 195 without using a turn signal. Deputies also heard him rev his engine three times, as he was making the turn and then accelerated quickly in excess of the 30mph speed limit. Deputies estimated his speed to be at approximately 50mph and still accelerating.


Deputies attempted to catch up to the vehicle. The driver put his blinker on to turn in at 5140 Highway 278 West, which was approximately 1.2 miles. Deputies initiated their emergency lights approximately 200 yards prior to the driveway the vehicle continued into the driveway accelerating again. it then passed his house and stopped in the yard. Deputies observed a black male, later identified as Ricky Goldston, wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans exit the driver's side of the vehicle and turn looking back at the deputies he fled on foot into the woods.


Deputy Sorensen and Sgt. Bush pursued him into the woods where they observed him lying in the woods when they entered the wood line. The Deputies identified themselves and ordered him to show his hands. He did not comply. He then got up and began running away from the deputies again heading towards Highway 278 West. Deputies caught up to him as he was crossing a second barbed wire fence. Deputy Sorensen deployed his department issued JPX Cobra pepper gun. Sgt. Bush assisted him back to the ground as he attempted to stand up to run again. As Bush began to put cuffs on his right wrist when he began tensing up and attempting to pull away from us. Sgt. Bush and Deputy Sorensen were able to get the cuffs on his wrist and take him into custody.


Golston was transported to the Hempstead County Detention Center where Goldston with Driving on Suspended License, Fleeing, Improper turn, resisting arrest, and careless and prohibited driving. Golston also had a warrant out of Howard County for contempt of court.