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Misdemeanor Theft


Misdemeanor Theft


On Friday March 16,2018 at about 10;56 A.M., Deputy Keith Sullivan was driving west on U.S. Highway 67, west of Perrytown. As he drove by the intersection with Nip-N-Tuck Road N, he observed a green van stopped on Nip-N-Tuck N, near the intersection with U.S. 67. The rear liftgate of the van was up and a culvert was protruding out the back of the van.

A black male and black female were at the rear of the van. Deputy Sullivan turned around and drove onto Nip-N-Tuck road, as the van was traveling north on Nip-N-Tuck. Deputy Sullivan caught up to the van.

The operator of the van stopped, Deputy Sullivan approached the driver and asked for his license and insurance for the van. The driver, Eric Conner presented an AR ID card and said that his license was suspended. The right front passenger, Barbara Cooper presented an AR driver’s license and said that the vehicle was hers, and began searching through papers to find the proof of insurance.

Deputy Sullivan asked them where they got the culvert, and Conner said they had got it from the side of the road we were on. Deputy Sullivan also saw a "no littering" road sign in the back of the van with the culvert. He contacted Hempstead County Judge Morse, and he confirmed that a culvert had recently been replaced, on Nip-N-Tuck N, and that the county removes the old culverts and resells them.

Deputy Sullivan followed Cooper and Conner approximately 1/4 mile to the location that they got the culvert and they unloaded it and the sign and placed them back on the roadside for the county road department to retrieve them. Deputy Sullivan issued Connor a citation for theft of property, under $1000.00 and issued Cooper a citation for theft of property under $1000.00.