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8th North Serves Federal Warrant and arrest two on Drug Charges


8th North Task Force

Hempstead, Nevada County Sheriff, Hope & Prescott Police




8th North Task Force Officers Serve Federal Warrant and Arrest Two on Drug Charges



On Friday, March 23, 2018 at approximately 1400 hours, an 8th North Task Force Officer Task Force went to 1001 N. Graham Street, in reference to a federal felony warrant service on Sharon Weston, located in Hope, Hempstead County, Arkansas.


Upon arrival Task force officer met with Kenny Weston, the husband of Sharon Weston. Sharon Weston was not home at the time. Task force officer spoke with Kenny Weston and advised him that Sharon had a felony warrant for narcotic violations.


Task Force Officer asked Kenny if there was anything illegal inside the residence, including narcotics or firearms. Kenny stated "I don't know if there is or not." Kenny stated there was some firearms inside the residence, but he did not think they were stolen. Task Force Officer asked Kenny if he could search to make sure and he stated sure. Kenny signed a consent to search form giving the Task Force Officer permission to search the residence.


Task Force officer walked through the residence with Kenny, three firearms were located One of the firearms returned to be stolen out of Texarkana. The firearm was a Glock model 22, .40 caliber. I continued to walk through the residence with Kenny.


When Task Force Officer walked into the living area, he observed two off white rock like substances suspected to be crack cocaine on a shelf. The suspected crack was tested with a NARK wipe. The test confirmed that the suspected crack did contain cocaine base in it and was indeed crack cocaine. He secured the residence and contacted Investigators other Task Force Officers to assist.


Investigator Crane and McBride arrived and the scene was turned over to them for processing. During a search of the residence, two more firearms were located. Also, a brown bag containing several medication bottles were located on a shelf above the washer. Inside the bottles were clear bags containing suspected cocaine.


Kenny Weston was transported to the HCDF where he was charged with simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms, possession of drug paraphernalia and theft by receiving. Kenny will be held for 1st court appearance. He was turned over to the on-duty jail staff for booking process.


Sharon Weston was turned over to Federal Authorities she was transported to the Miller County Sheriff's office where she will be held on their federal warrant. She will also be charged with simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms, possession of drug paraphernalia and theft by receiving.