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C. I. D. Captain Receives Medal of Valor


Hempstead County CID Captain Awarded Medal of Valor


Hempstead County Sheriff James Singleton awards Medal of Valor to Captain Frank McJunkins.


On March 12th 2008, Hempstead County Sheriff’s Lt Frank Mc Junkins, Arkansas State Police Agent Scott Clark, and ASP Sgt. John Bishop were working a homicide on Highway 29 South near Hope, Arkansas. The three officers left the scene and drove several miles to a mobile home situated in a secluded, wooded area of rural Hempstead County.


It was at the mobile home officers believed they might locate a suspect wanted in connection with the initial Homicide investigation.


The officers were told by a resident at the home that no one was inside. S/A Clark and HCSO Lt. Frank McJunkins obtained consent to enter the home while Sergeant Bishop took up a position to guard the home exits.


As Clark and McJunkins approached a rear bedroom area inside the home, an individual later identified as the murder suspect, was discovered hiding behind a plastic sheet and opened fire on the officers wounding S/A Clark. Clark and McJunkins returned fire simultaneously as Sergeant Bishop entered the home and began laying suppressive fire in order to provide cover for Clark and McJunkins to take safer positions.


Although wounded, S/A Clark managed to escape the gunfire and was transported to a hospital by another State Police Special Agent who had arrived on the scene. The suspect was later determined to have been killed in the exchange of gunfire with officers.


For his courageous actions under fire and his dedication to his fellow officers and the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office Lt. McJunkins is awarded the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Medal of Valor.


 Kim McJunkins pinning medal on Captain McJunkins, with Sheriff Singleton watching

Kim McJunkins wife of Captain McJunkins pins the medal of Valor on her Husband as Sheriff Singleton Presents McJunkins with the Medal